Peter Farnbank, Composer .

 Solo and Chamber Works 


Romance Ballade - "El Rinconcillo Inquieto" (The Restless Little Corner) - (piano) - This is the first really serious piece of  music I ever composed. It was started when I was at Sixth Form and lay unfinished until retrieved and completed in 2008. Revised 2012. (En esta obra respira el alma de "la MA")

Romance Ballade 1.mp3

Romance Ballade - "The Last Rose Before the Snow"  (Pozlédniaya Róza Peréd Snégom) (2008) (piano) - The middle section quotes two short lines from a Russian romantic ode, "Gori, gorí, moyá zviezdá!" (Shine, shine, my star) - ie the Star of Love that shines forever. Click here for the words to the poem.

Romance Ballade - Last Rose of Fall.mp3

"Chanson de Crépuscule" (Twilight Song)  (2009) (string quartet/quintet) - The dedication reads "To a graceful and faithful furry friend, who in her twilight years still delighted all with her kittenish playfulness". Can be played as a string quintet (with either extra cello or double-bass).


Triolino (1974/2008) -  Originally scored for piano, flute and violin, a version with violin and cello is also available. A single movement work combining sections that would otherwise have been separate compact movements.


Blue is Our Lady's Colour (1976). A duet for female voice and piano, a setting of the eighteenth century love poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge - a woman's prayer on the eve of her love's/husband's departure for the battlefield. Click here to go to the Words to Music page for the poem. This work is currently unavailable.





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