Peter Farnbank, Composer .

Orchestral Works


Anthem for "The Diamond Queen" (orchestra and melody-choir with optional audience participation)  (2012) - Composed as part of the jubilee celebrations, although this piece would be appropriate for any British "Proms" type concert thereafter. The music is a mix of modern and traditional styles, in the fanfare and anthem sections respectively. The music and words are composed alongside each other by myself. The verse consists of 6 feet per line and 10 lines in all, making 60 feet, to mark 60 years of Her Majesty's reign. The anthem ends with a final fanfare of six rich chords, one per decade, and a final chord for continuation. For the words of anthem click here for the "Words to Music" page.

Anthem DQ 33zp_0.mp3

"Chanson de Crépuscule" (Twilight Song) (string orchestra) (2009) - The dedication reads "To the memory of a graceful and faithful furry friend, who in her twilight years still delighted all with her kittenish playfulness". There are subtle instances of polytonality, unresolved harmonies and jaunty rhythms contrasting against lyrical lines, hopefully showing that such combinations don't have to sound "jarring".

Twilight Song.mp3

Tranquillity (orchestra) (2009) - (Sample) Originally conceived as background music for my psychological therapy consultation room, this piece has, by request, been expanded to full orchestral dimensions, and may still be used as tranquil background music to work or relax to, or simply to listen to in its own right. It aims to synchronise relaxed pulse and breathing rates. The original "Gebrauchtsmusik" version is for string orchestra and harp. The title comes from a Latin motto composed for my practice in 1992 - "Cuidam e cura soluto eidem animi tranquillitas" (Inner peace to those from whose anxieties the cure has set free.)


Sunshine Overture (from String Symphony, 1st movement). (2008) -  The symphony has an "integrated" structure (ie themes introduced in one movement are developed in later movements). This movement may evoke hints of tropical sunshine.

Sunshine Overture.mp3

Limping Waltz (from String Symphony, 2nd movement) (2008) - In complex time-signatures (7/8 etc) this is a humorous tongue-in-cheek piece, with hops, skips and trips, and the eventual "hiding away with embarrassment"!!

Limping Waltz.mp3

Nocturne (from String Symphony, 3rd movement) (2008) - In the "adagio for strings" style.

String Symphony - Nocturne.mp3

Rondo Capriccioso (from String Symphony) (2008) - This is the final movement of the String Symphony. It offers a musical cocktail reminiscent of jazz, romantic "bel canto",  classical scherzo and baroque fugue. (Please see the Schoenberg quote on the "Favourite Quotes" page.)

Rondo Capriccioso - string orchestra.mp3

Starie Romansi - A Pastiche Fantasia Suite of Old Russian Romances (2007) [2222,2220,timpani, percussion, 2 solo violins, strings] -  In a genre similar to Vaughan Williams's folk song collections, this is a collection of three famous Russian romances, "Two Guitars" (Dve gitari),  "Shine, Shine, My Star" (Gori, gori moya zviezda) and "Dark Eyes" (Ochi chornie). The Russian words are translated by myself (see Words to Music page), and the entire suite can also  be sung by a solo singer if preferred. The first  movement features a double violin solo ("two guitars") with an optional unaccompanied double violin cadenza. The last movement also features a double violin solo with obligato double-violin cadenzetti. The middle movement features a double bassoon solo.

Dve Gitari - audio.mp3

Gori, gori moya zviezda!.mp3

Ochi Chornie - audio.mp3

Bonnie Sweet Robin (near completion) - A modern fantasia for full orchestra on a beautiful Elizabethan folk song discovered by Gordon Jacob.


Bonny Sweet Robin -audio sample.mp3

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