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This page lists poems and lyrics which I have set to music. Please visit the pertinent pages for a description of the various works.



Anthem for "The Diamond Queen" - Peter Farnbank [2012]

In our Gracious Queen our loyalty is bounded,
In her Noble reign diversity's abounded.
This "Green and Pleasant Land" for three score years she's prided,
And a dozen Head of Gov'nment she's kindly wisely guided -
O'er sixty years of majesty on a world wide scene.

In our Gracious Queen our sov’reignty is founded;
In her loyal reign, our freedom’s firmly grounded.
And while her younger nations grow with independence,
May our British Nation thrive with regal resplendence…
Under Elizabeth, our steadfast Diamond Queen!

Words/Lyrics to Starie Romansi 

(English translations by Peter Farnbank.) 

Two Guitars (anonymous)(Gypsy Romance)

Two guitars I hear them start
With tones that match the wall so gray:
Same old tune that jabs my heart -
My love's flown away.

Encore, encore,
Many times, yet still once more,
Encore, encore,
Many times, yet still once more.
Wind afield, cornflowers dance,
Long road leading nowhere.
My heart's longing for a chance,
My soul's in despair.

Speak to me, my sev'n string friend,
And fill this empty world of mine -
Soothing voice my soul to mend -
As night is filled with moonshine.

 Russian Words to Starie Romansi

Две гитары!

Две гитары за стеною,
Жалобно заныли.
Сердце памятный напев,
Милый, это ты-ли?

Ещё, ещё раз,
Ещё, много много раз.
Ещё, ещё раз,
Ещё, много много раз.

Ветер, поле, васильки,
Дальняя дорога.
Сердце ноет от тоски,
На душе тревога.

Поговори же ты со мной,
Подруга семиструнная.
Вся душа полна тобою,
А ночь такая лунная.


"Oh Shine, Oh Shine, My Wondrous Star" (V Chuyevsky) 

Oh shine, oh shine my wondrous star,
Oh star of love, you welcome are.
Here in my heart are you the precious one:
No place for more: there can be none.

Enchanted star of love divine,
Of cherished bygone days of mine.
But come what may, in my tormented soul
There shall you stay to keep me whole.

How brightly beams your heav'nly ray.
Shine on my paths of life today.
Forever shine! Ev'n on my grave afar!
Oh brightly shine, my wondrous star!

Гори, гори, моя звезда!

(Слова: В. Чуевского)

Гори, гори, моя звезда,
Звезда любви приветная!
Ты у меня одна заветная,
Другой не будет никогда"

Звезда любви волшебная,
Звезда прошедших лучших дней!
Ты будешь вечно незабвенная,
В душе измученной моей!

Твоих лучей небесной силою
Вся жизнь моя озарена;
Умру ли я, и над могилою
Гори, сияй, моя звезда!

"Dark Eyes" (EP Grebenko)

(Gypsy romance)

Oh these gorgeous eyes, dark and glorious eyes,
Burn-with-passion eyes, how you hypnotise!
How I_ adore you so, how I fear you though,
Since I saw you glow! Now my spirit’s low!

No, not sad am I, nor so mad am I;
All my comforts lie in my destiny.
Just to realise my life’s worthiest prize
Did I sacrifice for those ardent eyes!.

Darkness yours conceal mighty fires real;
They my fate will seal: burn my soul with zeal!
But my love for you, when the time is due,
Will refresh anew like the morning dew!

{Extra verse by PF]

Oh, those gypsy eyes, deep-with-mystery eyes;
How you hypnotise, how you magnetise!
How I fear you so, yet adore you though!
Since I saw you glow, will I let you go?!


Очи черные!
(Слова: П. Гребенка)

Очи черные, очи страстные
Очи жгучие и прекрасные
Как люблю я вас, как боюсь я вас
Знать, увидел вас я в недобрый час!

Ох, недаром вы глубины темней!
Вижу траур в вас по душе моей,
Вижу пламя в вас я победное:
Сожжено на нем сердце бедное.

Но не грустен я, не печален я,
Утешительна мне судьба моя:
Всё, что лучшего в жизни бог дал нам,
В жертву отдал я огневым глазам!


Oh Holy Jesus - St Richard of Chichester (1197-1253)

Oh Holy Jesus,
Most Merciful Redeemer,
Friend and Brother
May I know thee more clearly,
Love thee more dearly,
And follow Thee more nearly.


Blue is Our Lady's Colour - Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772 - 1834)

Blue is Our Lady's colour,
...White is Our Lord's.
To-morrow I will wear a knot
...Of blue and white cords,
That you may see it, where you ride
...Among the flashing swords.

O banner, white and sunny blue,
...With prayer I wove thee!
For love the white, for faith the heavenly hue,
And both for him, so tender-true,
...Him that doth love me!

The Primrose - Robert Herrick (1591 - 1674)

Ask me why I send you here
This sweet Infanta of the year?
Ask me why I send to you
This Primrose thus be-pearled with dew?
I will whisper to your ears,
The sweets of love are mixed with tears.

Ask me why the flow'r does show,
So yellow-green, and sickly too?
Ask me why the stalk is weak,
And bending, yet it doth not break?
I will answer, these discover,
What fainting hopes are in a lover.



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