Peter Farnbank, Composer .

Works currently being written


Sinfonia Locriana - (Sample) For full orchestra exploring multitonal possiblities of the Locrian natural and synthetic scales and modes and resultant spectrum of harmonies and counterpoints.

Sinfonia Locriana d0907 smpl2.mp3

Bonny  Sweet Robin: Fantasia on an Elizabethan Folk Song - (full orchestra) - A multitonal neo-romantic composition on a 16th century folk song. This ia a short excerpt.

Bonny Sweet Robin -audio sample.mp3

Triple Concerto - (piano, violin and cello with chamber orchestra) - There are only a mere handful of works in this genre in the entire repertoire of classical music. This new work was inspired by the superb performance of Beethoven's Triple Concerto by The Lawson Trio with the Blackpool Symphony Orchestra in March 2010, in my first appearance as Leader of that orchestra. This is a "triple concerto" in another sense - such it stretches across three continents. So  the first movement is flavoured  "European", the second "oriental" and the third "South American". These two samples are (1) the opening up to the recapitulation (cadenza still to be written) and (2) the end of the second movement (Passacaglia) going straight into the last movement (Rondo alla Samba).

Triple Concerto Mv1 ver3ya - sample.mp3

Triple Concerto Mv3 audio sample.mp3

Viola Concerto  - (viola and chamber orchestra) - Again, so few works exist for this genre against a plethora of works for its smaller and larger cousins. Not even Mozart wrote one, nor any other romantic composer who was a violist.


 Oh Holy Jesus - a traditional chorale on the beautiful prayer of St Richard of Chichester (1197-1253) for SATB choir and organ or string orchestra.



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