Peter Farnbank, Composer .

A Question of  Royalties


Some of the pieces you can hear here will be extracts, others will be full pieces. I don't mind if you download them and share with others. After all, what good is music if the composer strangles its release? On the other hand this has to be balanced with what can be seen (especially by some authorities) as encouraging music piracy.

Amateur or Professional Outfit? 

If you wish to obtain any scores, they will soon be downloadable as pdf files (Just get in touch.)

If you are an amateur outfit I don't expect a royalty payment from you. All I would ask is that you contact me and just to cover "performing rights" just ask for my consent to play it in public giving brief details regarding venue and who the audience is and what the function is for. I would invariably give the consent.

If you are a professional outfit, just get in touch.

A form for seeking consent to perform in public is available via the Consent for Performance webpage. Please be sure to mention that you are an amateur outfit if that's the case.








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